Friday, March 26, 2010

The What?

I've said for over a year now that if I ever started a blog, I would call it "The Anglo-Saxon Anonymous." Now that I've gone and done it, I probably need to explain my choice of title. =)

I'm studying church history at The Catholic University of America, with a focus on the church in the British Isles from about the late 4th century through the early 8th century. That's the period in which the Celtic and Anglo-Saxon kingdoms predominated. One of the academic societies I've been involved with is the Charles Homer Haskins Society (, which focuses on Anglo-Saxon, Anglo-Norman, Viking, and Angevin history. Their newsletter is The Norman Anonymous, named for a famous and prolific but otherwise unidentified chronicler of Norman history. So it's a "history geek" joke. There were many anonymous Anglo-Saxon authors, too, so I thought, "Why not keep the tradition alive and name my blog for them?" Well, why not?

I have many interests, a warped sense of humor, and a generally cynical way of looking at the world, so expect anything!

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